We turn your business data into
actionable insights

What we do

We offer digital tools to better serve your customer's needs.


Together we analyse your business to determine your core value proposition. Key is adapting an organisation's strategy and structure, to capture opportunities enabled by digital technology and translate the answers into an action plan.


Incremental bridging allows you to use our suite of tools alongside your current software. Over time the pieces of the legacy system can be decommissioned, but progress in meeting customer needs doesn't have to wait until then.


Learning from a real-time feed of data, allows for more informed decision making and machine-driven recommendations. Actionable insights let you take incremental steps to help significantly improve the delivery of your value proposition.


Bert Buis

Connecting business
and technology

Edwin van Verseveld

Development, smart solutions,
background in AI

William Veldhuizen

Developer, solution architect,
data engineer

Contact Us

Interested and want to know more, send us an email at info@tahemi.com